Mobile Banking

We are one of Malaysia’s top 3 mobile banking transaction processing, e-KYC and authentication platforms, processing over 17 million customer authentication and mobile banking transactions every month in Malaysia. Our IOUpay platform services leading banks in Malaysia, big brand corporates and telco’s in Malaysia & Indonesia.

Key Platform Features

  • Secure B2C transactions with financial institutions, telco’s, insurers and big brand corporations (debiting bank accounts, credit cards & debit cards)
  • Provides secure customer authentication & e-KYC
  • Secure messaging for generation and management of One Time Passwords & TAC’s
  • Secure messaging provides account queries, payment & transfer confirmations
  • Secure customer communication for initiation & management of corporate messaging including product offers
  • Leverages IOU Pay infrastructure and back-end integration

Digital Banking Services

Banks today need a brand new and advanced digital financial services platform to allow them to swiftly provide up-to-date services to their customers according to the rapidly changing technology landscape, market needs and business growth. In order to satisfy this need, it is necessary for the banks to have flexible, robust and function-rich internal information system architecture to allow rapid application development across platforms, integration with enterprise systems and scalable architecture.

IOUpay’s Mobile Banking Platform is built on open standards technologies - Enterprise Java, HTML5, JavaScript, XML. It provides ready-to-use AS (Application Services), and Digital Banking basic architecture to facilitate the development of financial services applications. It can also be interfaced with other backend and middleware systems of banks to develop integrated financial services solutions rapidly and flexibly. The solution has the following characteristics that facilitate banks to integrate internal systems and provide additional services.

  • Omni-channel, Unified Platform
  • Open Standards Architecture
  • Specific Design for Financial Institution Environment
  • Multi Tier Solution Architecture
  • Configurable and Modular Settings
  • Composed of Services Elements
  • Flexible Integration Interface

Secure Transaction Messaging

Our IOU Pay Platform includes our award winning secure transaction messaging technology used by banks, telco’s and a strong representation of the biggest global and regional brands operating in Malaysia and Indonesia. Our platform provides bespoke solutions that focus on high performance, scalability and security within the mobile messaging segment, serving all the mobile connectivity and messaging needs of our institutional clients. This platform underpins all the services offered under our Mobile Banking Division. It features:

  • Front-ending mobile communication protocols and back-end web services to manage mobile applications and link them to bank, telco and corporate enterprise applications and databases.
  • A Centralized Management Component that enables an administrator to control which users can access an application and what enterprise databases that application can pull/push data from
  • Proven anti-hacking security, personal data protection and anti-fraud systems and protocols.

Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS)

Our Mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) is enables enterprises to quickly integrate mobile apps data and functionality in security-rich, backend, cloud storage. MBaas is a proven platform designed for building and enhancing multi-platform, enterprise-grade apps that can be native or hybrid – for Android, iOS, and Windows. Our MBaaS service also provide full data synchronization, user management, push notifications, integration with social network services and file-handling.

The process to create often-used services like push notifications, data storage, security, and integration with back-end and cloud services can be time- and cost-consuming. APIs connectivity needs to be individually incorporated into each app for deployment speed and scalability. Our MBaaS platform can help to solve these problems by providing a bridge between front-end applications and back-end resources, via a unified API and SDK.

MBaaS services include:

  • Mobile Data Service
  • Push Notifications
  • Mobile Application Security